What is CAPTCHA?

A CAPTCHA stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing to tell Computer Human Apart”. The most popular implementation of CAPTCHA is reCAPTCHA.

Basically CAPTCHA are more like puzzles consisting of distorted images of numbers, words and phrases harder to read which are to be solved by the users.

Other types of CAPTCHA are tick the square sometimes followed by check the squares that contain something, add these numbers etc.

What is the purpose of CAPTCHA?

CAPTCHA are used to prevent bots from over-running sites with spams, fake registrations and other abusive profitable tactics carried out by scammers by using automated softwares and programmed bots .
CAPTCHA can only be solved by humans as it involves logic so it cannot be solved with robots or computer programs.

What is CAPTCHA entry work?

Internet marketers wants to promote their business by advertising on various internet platforms like websites and forums. So for publishing more amounts of ads they use some softwares.
Since CAPTCHA cannot be solved by automated computer software’s therefore a good numbers of online workers are needed to solve CAPTCHAs for them. This has been transformed to a decent money-making job for housewives, students and part timers.

How to do CAPTCHA entry work?

Several CAPTCHA entry sites on the internet recruit workers to work on their website. A worker can register to work for CAPTCHA job by signing in the registration form of that site.
A worker must be 18+ or 14+ on some sites to handle money transactions and a bank account to get paid. Additional you can also sign up for a PayPal or payza or some other online money transfer modems for easy redeems.
Every individual gets his own separate members area where he can solve CAPTCHA, check his stats, referrals and balance.
They pay per 1000 CAPTCHA solved correctly. So a worker has to type 1000 CAPTCHAs one by one. Most of the site’s pay $0.20 to $5 per 1000 CAPTCHAs depending of work experience or level.

Advantages of CAPTCHA entry work:-

1. CAPTCHA entry work is very easy it is just typing a few letters.
2. So it doesn’t require any special skill.
3. It can be done anywhere.
4. At anytime for 10 min or 10 hours doesn’t matter. (On some sites there might be a limit)
5. CAPTCHA jobs are absolutely free to join.
6. CAPTCHA entry sites pay average $1/1000 CAPTCHA.
7. Earning depends on the number of CAPTCHA solved.
8. They pay through PayPal, payza, Bank neft, bank cards and other payment methods.
9. There are many legit CAPTCHA job providers on the web.
10. Fast typers with typing speed more than 35 WPM can solve 1000 CAPTCHA in less than an hour.
11. Working for multiple providers can multiply the earnings.

Some problems with CAPTCHA jobs:-

1. $1 for 1000 CAPTCHA can seem very less for some people.
2. An average worker needs to spend more than an hour to solve 1000 CAPTCHA.
3. At first CAPTCHA entry work can look fake or scam to some people.
4. Watching distorted words for long can cause head-aches.
5. Beware there exists a few scam CAPTCHA job companies.
6. It can only make you $100-$200 a month.
CAPTCHA entry work is one of the easiest jobs. It is certainly not a most prestigious job. But for students and those who stay at home it can be a good source to make a few bucks in their free time.
          You might not earn $200 in the first month. Every type of job require at least some effort. I mean this job cannot make you so much money over a night.

          Sticking to it for a little longer can make huge profits in the future times.

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