Money is considered as the most important thing in life. It is equally hard to earn.

Probably you might have heard about people making millions on the Internet. And that is 100% true to some extent until you know what most of them do isn’t a real job or hardly makes any sense.

Thinking about thousands right away doesn’t seem realistic anyway. Initially a person has humble beginnings with everything building step by step.

Most of the people head for a part-time job to get started and try to somehow make their first hundreds.

In case you didn’t know Internet has a variety of jobs suited for first timers and students. Below is a list of 10 ways you can make your first $100 online.


I bet you haven’t expected it, but facebook can make you your first hundreds.

Facebook is the most popular social media platform. So marketers and advertisers always set their eyes on the platform to find out a way to make as much money possible from Facebook.

You might be using facebook yourself but you might not have heard about making money with it.

There are more than dozens of ways but they might be advanced for a beginner. The easiest way is by advertising PTC ads or affiliate ads.

You have to put ads on your facebook posts or facebook pages and when somebody clicks on it to buy a product from your link you get a percentage of the value of product as commission.

This works great especially when you have a large following and popularity among your facebook friends.

Sell online

So what can you sell? The easiest answer will be to sell something you already have.

You can sell your old stuff, used clothes, toys, electronics and furniture on eBay.Or your school notes and books for quarter of the full price on institutional or educational sites.

Selling stuff you already have is very cheap method and may not fulfill the desire to earn by your own but it can still make you descent money.

Sell creativity

If you are creative enough to write a book or create artwork you should write a book or an audio book and make handicrafts and paintings.

You can sell your book on amazon and other online book stores. Paintings that express beautiful inspirational messages with a creative way can make huge money.

Technical guys can sell their graphics work, logo design and website templates online. These are hard technical level work require coding and animating skills.

Due to technological boost these days these guys are high in demand thus they are granted huge sums.

Your blog or website

If you have any hobby or a business and happen to be an expert in your field, you can share your knowledge through your own bog or website.

A website is a space on the Internet belonging to someone who has a business to run. A website consists of information about his business.

A blog is just the same but more personal and may or may not be for business purpose.

You post your content on your site, then people search your post on the search engine and visit your site.

Once your site starts to grow you can monetize it by many ways like advertisement and affiliate program.

Setting up a blog or a website doesn’t need any skill nowadays and can be done within 30 minutes.

Blogging is the first step for most online entrepreneurs. A successful blogger earns hundreds of dollars through advertising.


Youtube is the most popular video sharing website. And its popularity has garnered audiences from every part of the world.

Hence over the course of time you has ave birth to a totally new profession and the professionals are known as youtubers.

Being a youtuber is is similar to being a blogger but the difference is a blogger plays with his blog posts and a youtuber plays with video posts. A youtuber is also called as a video blogger.

Therefore monetization is similar to that of a blog or website. Youtube is of the most money maker currently on this list.

For people with informational content which goes viral, YouTube can be quickest money maker.  A youtuber can make more than thousand dollars a month.

Affiliate marketing

The reason why affiliate marketing got its own position on this list is because affiliate links can be used almost anywhere not only on facebook and websites and can be a separate job.

An affiliate marketer is a referrer who promotes products of an ecommerce site to other people and earns commission.

Affiliate marketer doesn’t need to sell something since the company provides everything. He just have to refer it to other people.

Affiliate links pay more than traditional ads especially when you review a product on your blog and recommend it to buy through your affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing can single handedly serve as way to make a living because it has large profit margins.

Something very easy

Just for easy dudes who just want to work easy for easy money, there exists some of the easiest jobs in the world on the Internet.

Easy jobs are targeted for student and home workers who doesn’t have much spare time to spent but still want some pocket money supplement. There are also many people who make a good money with it.

Easy jobs include data entry jobs, surveys and CAPTCHA solving jobs and paid to click jobs.

These kind of jobs are so easy that they doesn’t require any talent or skill. So they are the least paying jobs.

These kind of jobs doesn’t make more than $100 and takes a lot of time to make that much.

Teaching online

Online teaching is the same as teaching offline but in this case in front of a camera or something.

It is the best way for someone who wants to experience teaching or share knowledge and make money.

There are many sites available on the Internet that hire online teachers including individuals who wants to hire an online tutor.

There is no age to teach, an online tutor can be a part timer, a jobber, a teacher or even a  student. Online teachers earn about the same as an actual teacher.

Produce something

For an advanced super technical guy there are relentless options online.

These guys can develop a software or an android app and sell online, work for gaming industry, create a gadget or a computer program.

These jobs require so much skill and talent that you might need to get an actual degree in the field depending on the type of work. Also these guys are among the most paid on the Internet.


There are still many services you can offer if you have skills or want to develop skills. These services come under freelancing and there is so much scope on it.

It includes ghostwriting, transcribing, animating, coding, story telling and much more than 200 types of services and more imaginable, which you can offer to your customers for few dollars.

People who work in this are called freelancers. Freelancers consists of rookies, first timers, one timers and all the way up to high end professionals.

Freelancing can make you a living. Freelancers on per month basis earn $100 to $10000 and even more money depending on the services they offer.