Actors,TV hosts, Radio jockeys, writers and all the people on the media are all freelancers.

What is a freelancer?

A freelancer is a self-employed person offering services to businesses. The type of work a freelancer offers varies on the basis of the type of skill a freelancer has or what business is he offering service to.

Freelancing includes offering services like writing, copywriting, web designing logo designing, various graphics works and marketing.

freelancing is very popular nowadays due to its flexibility and better pay rates. Freelancing is a carrer for millions of people around the world and still growing with the growth of internet and digitization.

Below are the pros and cons of freelancing.

Advantages of being a freelancer

Easy to start

Freelancing is very easy to start if you already have a skill in you arsenal. If you are willing to you can start right now. Just go to a freelancing site like fill the required details to sign, describe your job and yourself.

Getting the first pay is the matter of finding you your first client. Your first client may be from your family and friends.

Free to pick jobs

Being a freelancer is like being a contractor this means you are independent to work at you will.

This also means there is no boss who yells you about your work. You are free to work whenever you want so you control what work you want to do and how to do it.

Free to choose clients

A freelancer is an independent contractor so you can choose whoever client you want to work with. Initially you should choose any client you get so you can start you work but as your business is established you can work with someone who pays more over the one who pay less for the exact same job.

Better pays

Freelancers are quite high in demand and for technical and skilled freelancers clients will pay hundreds of dollars.

You can still increase your profits by maximizing the amount of services you offer. The more skills you have the better for you.

Disadvantages of freelancing

It takes time

It takes time to get enough clients or even your first client. So at the beginning you may not have any profits at all.

Just working hard isn’t going to get you a client. You have to make your presence felt. Heres what you can do;Ask your parents to be your first client, market yourself on social media, exhibit your work to your potential clients.

Unpredictable work and unpredictable pay

Freelancers doesn’t work for anybody so there is steady work flow. There are times when freelancers don’t get any work at all which directly implies to no pay.

In short freelancers are free workers who work on their own for their own. They do not have to worry about bosses and they get paid better. But like every other job nothings easy until to work hard and put some time into it.

Over to you

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