Blogging is very popular nowadays. Everyone wants to to start his own blog but often confuse between many things like what should they know about blogging and what do they need to start a blog.

First time bloggers may get over excited and screw up their first blog which misleads to quit blogging. Many first time bloggers execute some minor mistakes these mistakes seem very little but can be painful in the long run.

So below is the list of 8 basic steps involved in blogging

#1  Selecting a topic

This is the first and most important step in blogging. Selecting a niche on which you have knowledge about and can talk about for long is very important. You shouldn’t start a sports blog if you have interests in video games.

Because if you start a sports blog you will be unable to write as much you would be games, plus your articles will lack confidence and information.

Choose a niche that is right for you. For which you are passionate about and have a good knowledge. So that the visitors and readers of your blog find it useful and comeback again.

#2 Choose a blogging software

After you select the niche of your blog, now you have to select a blogging software.

There are many blogging services providers on the internet which allow blogging for free. They are blogspot, wordpress, weebly among others. They provide easy to use tools for maintaining the blog.

Note that a free domain consists of a subdomain which includes the name of the provider. But once you clear your basics and gain enough blogging experience you can move to a more professional custom domain.

#3 selecting a domain

Now you want to have a more professional looking address so you can opt for a .com or a .org domain.

While selecting a domain search for an easy to remember and easy to speak as well as easy to recognize so that when someone describes about your blog say on a phone, the person hearing should be able to remember and access your site.

Blogging platforms which are free also allows to add a custom domain to your blog. It may happen that you might not secure your desired domain name so run your creativity engine try a uniqe name. Research for names that are not taken by anybody or bid for an existing domain name if it is for sale.

#4 Slecting a web host

After having a custom domain it has to be hosted somewhere if you want to start on a self hosted platform.

Web hosting costs per month and they are charging you rest of the life of your blog. The hosting costs increases as your site grows. So choosing a proper webhost that fulfills your needs and comes in the budget is very important.

#5 creating a blog

Creating your own blog is matter of few minutes. Nowadays it doesn’t require any special coding and designing skills. You can create your blog yourself.

Free blogs have an inbuilt website templates you can choose whatever style you want and apply them. Or you can hire a website designer who will design you a unique website or buy a professional looking website template online.

#6 writing your first blog post

Now its time to write your first blog post.
Don’t take much time to write your first post. Just post something casual like your introduction to your blog. So everyone should know what your blog is going to be about.

#7 getting your first visitors

You have published your article now you should have some one to read it.

To get you the first traffic share your blog on your facebook and twitter. Tell your family and friends to take a look at your blog.

Eventually you will get your first visitors and your blog will start to grow traffic. It may take some time but its worth it.

#8 updating your blog

The biggest mistake a beginner makes is to leave the blog when they don’t get enough traffic.

But as I told earlier it takes time sometimes its so much it may take months till you get your first visitor. But once you start getting traffic you don’t need to worry about your blogging.

Maintaining and updating your blog with posting regularly and making frequent changes refreshes your blog which makes you visitors to stick around for more.

So, these were the steps to creating your first blog.

Blogging isn’t easy as you may think. It is more than a job it is a passion for living and living for a passion for something. Something that you never run talking about. It takes patience and hardwork and a never give up attitude.

Did you find this article helpful? Are you thinking of starting a blog? Reply me in the comment section below.