Everyone owns a mobile phone for communication, for their business, as a fashion or just for fun. But not everyone knows how to use it.

You may not be the one but you might have came across at least an annoying person who doesn’t have any manner to use a mobile phone.

Or in case, you just bought your first ever smartphone or want to buy one and doesn’t know how to use it. You must know these 15 mobile manners to use your smartphone like a pro and avoid being listed among the annoying mobile users.

1. If you find that you talking on the phone is disturbing someone then avoid speaking on the phone near him. If its an emergency where its really important to talk you should use the SMS service so you don’t disturb anyone.

2. If you are travelling in a bus and other public transport where you shouldn’t play loud music. It can irritate others. Instead use a headphone.

3. And some other places like fuel station and business meetings where it is must to switch off your phone, you should switch off your phone before you arrive at that place and double check it to make sure it is off.

4. While speaking on a mobile phone don’t shout out loud. Because your loud voice is a loud noise so it can irritate other people. The mic of a smartphone is already very sensitive so there is no need to shout.

5. Don’t put your phone on a loudspeaker unless it is necessary. If your phone rings unexpectedly, it can surprise you as well as people around you.

6. Don’t use your phone while driving because it can distract you and can result in accidents. If you still want to answer the call, then park your vehicle at the roadside or use earphones while driving.

7. Don’t give your phone more importance than a person. It happens when you are meeting someone for the first time, you don’t have much to talk about but that doesn’t mean you should take out your phone and get busy on it. It shows the person that he isn’t important to you.

8. If you are in an already ongoing conversation and your phone rings then you should first inform the person that someone is calling you. Don’t get too busy on the phone, finish the phone call in short so the person in front of you doesn’t gets bored.

9. Don’t use your phone while it is charging. The battery may get overheated and even explode. If it never happened to you before, that doesn’t mean it can never happen either.

10. Always charge your phone to 100%. If you don’t charge the it to full it can affect the battery life and the battery drains quickly. As a result declining the overall performance of a phone.

11. Clean your phone regularly. Believe it or not your phone contains more bacteria than your shoes. If you touch your phone and touch your face it can result in acne and other infections. Clean your phone with a proper cleaning agent which will remove all the bacteria and viruses.

12. Don’t talk to someone else while speaking on the phone. Concentrate on one of the two things. Speaking with two different people simultaneously can result in misunderstandings.

13. If you are in public places or there are people closely surrounded to you you should take care of your privacy. Never discuss private information like your mobile number and bank details in public. Because anyone can misuse it.

14. Don’t share offensive messages through your mobile, even if he is your friend. If by mistake it is sent to a wrong person you can get into a lot of trouble.

15. Use your smartphone with your both hands. Touch screen devices are meant to be used with both hands, one to hold it and one to navigate. Don’t hold it like a phone with buttons. It can slip through your hand and fall on the ground which can create various problems with your phone.