Everyone likes to play games for fun or just to pass the time but whatever it may be games are always fun to play. But just playing games gives a short term pleasure and nothing more than that.

What if you can earn some money with it. Not the illegal way, but are there any legal ways to make money playing games?

I have researched on the Internet for the same and here are the 7 ways you can earn money through games.

1. Swagbucks

you can make money by playing games on swagbucks. They actually pay and its free to get started. You are paid $5 just to sign up. Swagbucks is a trusted site to earn money and they have paid more than ₹185 million so far. You can sign up and start working right now.

2. Game testing

Becoming a game tester is the easiest thing a gamer can do. Its basically playing the game to catch bugs and glitches. Most of the game studios have openings for game testers before the game is launched so that they can eliminate all the bugs from the final release.

Game tester is not a prestigious job so a game tester does not earn that much. Also you always don’t get to play the game you want and the hunt for the bugs is more important than enjoying the game and its story. But you can still earn by playing games.

3. Game guides, tips and tricks

The perfect option if you are a master and know the game very well. With investing some time and little bit energy you can write a guide about a game. As there are many rookies who need some guidance for the game.

The only problem is the game should stay hot for a long time so your product stays relevant as long as the game. Also, you have to get in the game early since there are many people that publish guides too.

You can write a book and sell it on amazon or create a website solely for that particular game.

4. Recording lets play videos

This is the funniest way for earning money because now you can play a game of your choice and enjoy it simultaneously while recording the lets play videos.

With the help of twitch and youtube you can stream or upload your gameplay videos hoping to get enough views so you can monetize it and earn some money.

Since gameplay is already a popular niche it does not require much time to get views and make money in thousands. Note that you must be a good gamer and play the each and every stage of the game with as less mistakes as possible.

5. Selling game mods and custom characters

Nowadays game modifications are a must for every game because it allows the gamer to modify the game, add extra features and much more which were not in the original game.

Mods are very popular and its demand is always increasing with every releasing game. Usually mods are free to use but there are some special mods that are required to pay before use.

Creating mods can be creating an extra feature, props or characters. And you should be good in coding and designing skills as well as programming and animating skills in some cases.

6. Writing game reviews

Unlike recording lets play videos you do not have to be a great gamer to write reviews. The another great thing is you can choose a game and talk whatever you feel when playing it.

But one thing is you should have the knowledge about the game and always have a point which can be proved. Next thing is you cannot review about a dusted, old, bygone era game and leave, nobody will read your review. You have to be always searching for new releases and play it quickly so you can review it before everybody else.

Making money through this method is similar to writing guides and walkthroughs. You can publish your reviews on a website or write a book and sell it on amazon. Creating a video review opens the door for earning on youtube.

7. E-sports and online tournaments

Gaming has been so much popular that it has given rise to the e-sports tournaments worldwide. These tournaments are like the real sports tournaments where gamers around the world gather at one place and compete with each other. But the difference is instead of physically playing a sport, they plays the sport virtually in a game.
E-sports tournaments can include any kind of multiplayer or single player game and it is played online through the Internet.

Winners of these tournaments earns huge money in a team or even an individual can win many prizes. The condition is you must be a pro level gamer to qualify to compete in the tournaments. As well as agile in the controls and mentally and ‘physically’ prepared for some of the toughest games.


So, above were the 7 ways you can earn money playing video games. And I can guarantee they work because I have seen many people on youtube and websites dedicated to games. But as always its never easy, especially, something that pays, it must need some hard-work. Good Luck!